The Ideal Solution for Stakeholders Poor health and its negative impact on the productive capacity of employees are directly linked to the escalating cost burden on business, industry and governments. Today`s reality is that health is a performance driver and progressive stakeholders are showing the way to ultimately controlling healthcare costs is by investing in their most important asset their people and improving their health and wellbeing. Increasingly, business leaders are realising that the health of the workforce is directly related to the health of the bottom line.

Health and Productivity Enhancement
By investing in an integrated population health and productivity enhancement strategy, stakeholders are looking to decrease their total health-related costs (medical scheme contribution costs and health-related productivity costs of absenteeism).

The return on investment in health and productivity enhancement transcends the traditional measures of medical costs into the metrics of productivity improvement. Improving health, not only controls expenses, but also protects, supports and enhances human capital.

Your employees don`t leave the impacts of their personal health risks on the doorstep when they leave for work, just as they can`t leave the impacts of their workplace exposures when they return home. That`s why workplace health initiatives are uniquely positioned to leverage coordinated health and productivity enhancement strategies that can deal with the whole person in an integrated manner and the whole population across the entire health continuum.