• Manages more than 30 million lives
  • Handles more than 4, 000 scheme types.
  • Monitors more than 1,100 hospitalizations per day
  • Processes above 2,000 Outpatient claims per day.
  • Manages provider payouts worth USD 200 mm in claims
  • Present in 5 countries &340 + cities currently

    We are an international presence facilitating healthier lives for all individuals and their dependents, whether from us or from any of our world class partner institutions, we are committed to bring the best-in-class services and schemes to your doorstep. At Medilink, we believe that we can serve you best by associating ourselves with the best professionals and partners to assist you in your journey and with adoption of the latest technology which gives SMS alerts, mobile apps and website where usage reports, claim status updates and benefits can be viewed, your journey becomes that much more convenient.