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Insurances With our offices on location in over 340 cities, Medilink has the grass roots knowledge and leverage with all aspects of the health insurance industry in over 5 countries. We offer superior administration and quality relationship management that ensure to reduce superfluous expenses to increase profitability to eventually reduce premiums thus making them more accessible.

Our knowledge of both the insurance and the medical aspect of the business allow us to be an effective administrator by leveraging our position to find a sustainable balance between facilitating the best medical care for the members while cutting costs for the insurers.

Our approach is to first cement the underwriting process through establishing the rule driven policy conditions, removal of exclusions, pre-existing conditions, non-prescribed drugs and non-prescribed investigations. Our accounting filter establishes the cost of the policy, balance and any excess deductions as applicable. Finally our medical filter analyses the condition, procedure and investigation through drug and ICD mapping. While our IT system provides an effective edge for better fraud management.