OUR Partners

Providers Our global expertise of insuring 30 million lives and more than 1000 hospitalisations a day allows administering effective administration through provider relations management, care management and clinical data management.

In East Africa alone, we manage more than 120,000 lives handling more than 15 hospitalizations, 1,000 out-patient claims and 100 in-patient claims a day, processing provider pay-outs of more than 2 billion KES and over half a million claims.

We ensure that the entire process is streamlined by analysing disease prevalence, patient history of the members. Our Health Assessment Report interviews members, identifies gaps and prioritises the need; allowing the provider to focus on the most important aspect of care-giving and treatment. Our exciting new app allows for you to monitor all aspects of our relationship together from claim spending to the fees to be received.

Through our long standing, fruitful relationships with donor organisations, Medilink can also facilitate the upgrading of existing facilities to improve the level of care for your patients. We also assist in the international accreditation of partner providers.