Company Profile

Medilink International is a leading healthcare solutions company. We work closely with our clients; Health Insurance companies, Government, Corporates and Donors across the globe to achieve better outcomes at the lowest possible cost. At Medilink, we are driven to ensure that every person and organization we serve receives the greatest possible value for their health care investment. We do this by bringing together members, employers, and providers, making available the best possible information, and together devising solutions that help people enjoy optimal health. Currently, Medilink serves more than 250,000 members across five countries i.e. India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda and Maldives, managing over 3,500 policy types. We are committed to delivering our products and services to an ever-widening base of customers. Medilink has the expertise, the experience, and the agility to craft the new products, the new processes, and the new services needed to make health care more accessible through the use of our proprietary medical scheme administration software.